Is a CS Master’s really worth it?

In class of late, Dr. Knutson has been bending over backwards to convince us all to get master’s degrees. I hadn’t given it much thought previously; I enjoy working in the private sector so much that I figured I would just graduate as soon as possible and leave academia forever. His words, however, prompted me to do some additional research before making such an important decision. What I found did not change my mind. According to Gayle McDowell, author of Cracking the Coding Interview and The Google Resume, “A salary increase of $5k – $10k is pretty typical at the top tech companies.” Significantly less than the $70-80,000 increase Dr. Knutson promised us. McDowell also pointed out that it probably doesn’t make sense to get a master’s degree from the same university that you got your Bachelor’s degree. You’d get better experience by working in your field instead and you’d end up a lot richer. Although there are some situations where getting a master’s degree might make sense, mine is not one of them. Thank goodness!


2 thoughts on “Is a CS Master’s really worth it?

  1. Money’s never been that important to me. What I do like about the greater degrees is the increased capacity to do what interests me. Not that I know what that is, but that’s a personal issue.

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